転入について ESCについて Transfer Students and the ESC


Transfers (for children of Japanese Nationality)

If you wish to enroll or transfer your child to Higashimachi Elementary School (other than as a new grade 1 student), please contact the Academic Affairs Division of the Minato City Board of Education (03-3578-2729) in advance. After that, please complete the transfer procedures with the Residents Division of the Azabu District Minato Ward Office and bring the "Certificate of Enrollment" (在学証明書) and "Receipt for Textbooks" (教科用図書給与証明書) given by the previous school to Higashimachi Elementary School. If you wish to choose a school when you transfer to another school, please contact the Academic Affairs Division.

If your child is of Japanese nationality, they cannot enter the English Support Course (ESC). Regular classes are held in Japanese like other elementary schools in Japan. Even if you do not enter the ESC, Higashimachi Elementary School conducts international (English) studies classes for about 2 hours a week from grade 1 to grade 6 like other schools in Minato City and a phonics lesson about once a week.

Returning from Overseas

If your child has returned from overseas and wishes to enroll in a municipal elementary or junior high school, an application is required. Since it may not be possible to attend a specific school depending on its situation, please be sure to contact the Academic Affairs Division of the School Education Department of the Board of Education Secretariat in advance. (教育委員会事務局学校教育部学務課 03-3578-2729).

*Trial admission is not available. Formal admission and exit procedures are required.


District for Higashimachi Elementary

Azabujuban 2 chome No. 9 to No. 21, 3 chome, 4 chome

Azabujuban 1 chome No. 3 to No. 24, 2 chome No. 2 to No. 8, No. 10 to No. 13

Motoazabu 1 chome No. 6 and No. 7


●Change of Designated School

In principle, children who are registered as residents of Minato City will attend a designated school (the school in the school area where they live) or a school of their choice under certain conditions as per the school selection request system.

Not all students from outside the school zone will be permitted. In addition, if you enroll at Higashimachi Elementary School and your address is different from where you live or if you move to another location, you may not be able to continue attending Higashimachi Elementary School. We appreciate your understanding.

 The adjacent schools to Higashimachi Elementary School are Azabu Elementary School, Nanzan Elementary School, Honmura Elementary School, Shirokanoka Gakuen Shirokanoka Elementary School, Mita Elementary School, and Akabane Elementary School.

Commuting by bicycle and picking up or dropping off your child by car is prohibited.

Commuting to school is a daily routine, so if you are commuting from a school district other than the school zone where you reside, please consider the distance that your child will have to travel to go to school. Also, please check in advance about the safety of the route to the school.

The educational activities of Higashimachi Elementary School, like other elementary schools, is made possible by the understanding and cooperation of parents and community members. Once your child is enrolled, please consider participating in school events, PTA activities, community events, etc.


●English Support Course (ESC)

The ESC is a study course that establishes a support system to accept foreign children into regular classes to provide diverse educational opportunities for foreign children, support foreign children so that language and cultural differences do not become obstacles to learning, and enable them to lead school life with peace of mind. The primary purpose of this program is not to improve foreign children’s Japanese language skills or maintain English proficiency for Japanese returnees. 1

·         Classes assigned to ESCs include Japanese and foreign children.

·         The ESC has an English Support Teacher (EST). ESTs provides ESC children with support in English in classes and school life in general. ESC children receive support in English and can expect to maintain their English skills and live their school life with peace of mind. In addition, ESC parents can send their children to school with peace of mind.

·         Both Japanese and foreign children can come in contact with diverse cultures and values. 2

1 Since enrollment into the ESC or regular classes is determined by the parents intentions and the child’s future education, children with insufficient Japanese ability may be enrolled in regular classes if requestedby the parents.

  This program is not intended to help Japanese children learn English.


Children Eligible for ESC

Children of Foreign Nationality

Japanese returnee children or dual nationality children are not eligible.

Children who have sufficient English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills

When applying for the ESC, children will be tested on the above skills.

Children who plan on going back to their home country within a few years.


How Classes are Conducted

Lesson content is in accordance with the Japanese Course of Study.

For basic school life (morning homeroom, afternoon homeroom, lunch, etc.), social studies, science, life studies, music, arts and crafts, physical education, home economics, and integrated studies classes:

class teacher and EST guidance ESC children and Japanese children learn in the same classroom.

English (Japanese), Math, (Morals):

ESC students will have Japanese language courses (in English), English language arts, math, and morals classes with the EST in a separate room from the Japan students.



転入について ESCについて




児童が日本国籍を有している場合は、English Support Course (ESC)を選択することはできません。普段の授業は、他の日本国内の小学校と同様に日本語での授業になります。ESCに入らない場合でも、東町小学校では、他の港区立の小学校と同様に国際(英語)の学習を1年生から6年生まで週に2時間程度していたり、週に1回程度フォニックスの学習をしていたりしています。














東町小学校の隣接校は、麻布小学校 南山小学校 本村小学校 白金の丘学園白金の丘小学校 御田小学校 赤羽小学校です。





English Support Course (ESC)


·        ESCを設置した学級には、日本人児童と外国人児童がともに在籍します。

·        ESCには、English Support Teacher (EST)を配置します。ESTは、ESC児童に対して英語で授業や学校生活全般のサポートを行います。ESC児童は英語によるサポートを受け、英語力の保持が期待出来るとともに安心して学校生活を送ることができます。 また、ESC保護者は安心して子どもを学校に通わせることができます。

·        日本人児童・外国人児童の双方が、多様な文化や価値観に触れることができます。2

※1 保護者の意向や将来の教育・進学プランによってESC、又は通常学級への在籍が決定するため、日本語力が不十分な児童でも、保護者からの希望があれば通常級に在籍する場合もあります。

※2  日本人児童が英語を話せるようになることを目的とするものではありません。